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Q: How its work?

1. Search for deals in your area

2. Check out the full details of the business including: images, maps and offers

3. Save the deal in your “Saved items”

4. Show your phone when paying and save time and money.

Q- How do I open an account?

To create a new account, please click on "Sign Up" button or Login with Facebook, and then fill out the appropriate information. You can follow us on FaceBook , Twitter to receive daily deal alerts in your city.

Q: What happens if my coupon expires?

Don't let that happen, hombre! Once a coupon expires, you cannot use it. Short and simple. Fortunately we have a nifty tool that will remind you when a coupon is going to expire. If you're pretty rubbish at organisation, we recommend you Set a Coupon Reminder. If your coupon requires you to book ahead, we recommend that you contact the merchant sooner rather than later to score the date your really want and to avoid disappointment.

Safety tips

NEVER sell anything to anyone out of your country of residence.

A payment issued from a foreign bank can take 3 to 4 weeks or more to be cleared by your own bank. While waiting, the amount is credited to your account, but if the payment is false, this amount will be debited from your account.

Never accept a foreign cashier's check.

Most scammers are sending fake cashier checks.

NEVER accept a payment featuring a higher amount than the value of your item.

You should NEVER send money to reimburse an overpayment, whatever the reason given to you (gift, shipping costs, custom charges, intermediary fees...)

Genie never takes part in negotiations or transactions.

We do not facilitate payment or shipping; we don't provide any guarantee of product satisfaction; and we don't offer any financing service or financial protection for buyers or sellers.

Never give out financial information

Like bank account number, social security number, etc…

Be extremely cautious if you need to ship the item or use an escrow services.

If you receive an email saying you won a prize and should pay for its shipping, do not reply